what write wedding card

Attempting to choose what to write on a wedding card? Utilize these wedding wishes to offer your congrats to the couple.

Wedding card

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We’ve been there: You shop long and elusive the ideal wedding card for the prospective wedded couple and afterward you return home and have a truly unpleasant time making sense of what to write in it. The uplifting news is, there are no rigid principles about what to write in a wedding card. However long your wedding congrats message is ardent and offers the couple a positive wish for their marriage, you’re all set.

what write a wedding card

It ought to nearly abandon saying that wedding cards are standard for any individual who needs to send wedding wishes to a drew in or recently wedded couple. In case you’re following customary wedding visitor manners, you’ll either need to carry the card to the wedding gathering or mail it legitimately to the couple (as a rule between the time you get the wedding greeting and half a month after the wedding). Truly however, you can send it at whatever point you need. You could even send a pleasant card if the wedding is little and you’re not welcomed. Basically: Wedding congrats are welcome whenever by anybody!

Concerning the card itself, wedding cards come in heaps of various configurations. There are the standard welcome cards you can discover at an adorable writing material shop (or on the web—attempt Minted, Paper Source, Etsy and Shutterfly). However, there are additionally hand crafted cards, little labels connected to endowments and even basic, carefully made wedding messages that are printed and transported to the couple with their blessing. The entirety of the above pass as a wedding card and are viewed as alright, so don’t want to have mutiple. (Of course, in the event that you paid a blessing off the couple’s vault and need them to likewise have a pretty card from you, take one to the gathering and drop it in the wedding card box or on the blessing table!)

Is It Okay to Write the Term “Congrats?”

So, yes. All things considered, saying or expressing “congrats” to a recently wedded lady was once viewed as a tactless act since it was thought of as saluting her on really handling a man! (That’s right, you read that right.) Today however, that is viewed as an obsolete principle and way of thinking. In any case, if the couple happens to be conventional or originated from an extremely customary family, you should evade the term inside and out and simply state “all the best.”

What to Write in a Wedding Card

The ideal wedding wish is wistful, sweet and completely custom fitted to the couple. Is it for your preferred cousin and his new spouse? Or on the other hand your funny school flat mate who at long last settled down? The following are many instances of wedding wishes cites for motivation. Utilize the snappy connections underneath to create a stunning wedding message:

What to Write in a Wedding Card – Formal

What to Write in a Wedding Card – Casual

What to Write in a Wedding Card – Funny

What to Write in a Wedding Card – Religious

What to Write in a Wedding Card – Family

What to Write in a Wedding Card – Sibling

What to Write in a Wedding Card – Son or Daughter

What to Write in a Wedding Card – Friend

What to Write in a Wedding Card – Coworker

What to Write in a Wedding Card – Parent

What to Write in a Wedding Card – Elopement

What to Write in a Wedding Card – Postponement

What to Write in a Wedding Card – Cancellation

Formal Wedding Wishes

Because it’s a proper wedding with floor-length dresses and tuxes doesn’t mean you need to send a conventional card with stodgy phrasing. (The card doesn’t need to consummately coordinate the occasion.) Still, in the event that you need to compose a decent message that is immortal and sentimental, a proper note is the best approach.


“Wishing you a lifetime of adoration and satisfaction.”

“Your big day will travel every which way, however may your affection perpetually develop.”

“All the best on this awesome excursion, as you assemble your new carries on with together.”

“May the years ahead be loaded up with enduring happiness.”

“May the affection you share today become more grounded as you develop old together.”

“May your association bring you more bliss than you can envision.”

“May today be the start of a long, glad coexistence.”

“Much obliged to you for letting us/me share in this cheerful day. We/I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer as you set out on this great association.”

“Wishing you euphoria, love and bliss on your big day and as you start your new coexistence.”

“May the adoration and satisfaction you feel today radiate as the years progressed.”

Easygoing Wedding Wishes

On the off chance that you don’t feel great with formal wedding adages, at that point don’t do it. Act naturally. It’s totally fine to compose a more easygoing wedding message in the card, regardless of the beneficiary. Put it along these lines: Short and sweet is in every case fine, insofar as you’re stating something decent or including a wish for the couple’s future.


“All the best!”


“Congrats on your wedding!”

“We’re/I’m so cheerful for you!”

“Wishing you bunches of affection and bliss.”

“We/I love you. Congratulations!”

“Loads of adoration today and past.”

“Here’s a bit of something to begin your coexistence.” (If you’re including a blessing.)

“Much love.”

“Wishing you a long and upbeat marriage.”

“Here’s to a long and upbeat marriage!”

“Wishing you the best today and consistently.”

“So glad to praise this day with you both!”

“All the best for an exciting future together.”

Entertaining Wedding Wishes

Feel free to compose something entertaining in the card that you think will make them chuckle. Simply be cautious with your marriage wishes. What may effectively appear to be a joke in discussion could be misinterpreted on paper. As a dependable guideline, keep away from jokes that are wry or snarky. Likewise beyond reach? Avoid whatever could be viewed as annoying, suggest that one of them is the “better half” or notice anything about it having taken excessively long (or too brief period) to get hitched. Gracious, and no separation jokes!


“As Bill and Ted stated, ‘Be amazing to one another.'”

“Much obliged for welcoming us/me to eat and drink while you get hitched. Well done!”

“Both of you make nearly as great of a group as the [insert your/their preferred games group’s name here].” Or, “I haven’t been this cheerful for anyone since [insert group name here] won the World Series/other title!”

“Our marriage guidance: Love, honor and… scour the latrine.” (Or fill in some other interesting exhortation you have.)

“Congrats—your wedding effectively made me cry like a child!”

“Happy we/I got the chance to break out our/my move moves out of appreciation for such an incredible couple. Bunches of adoration to you both!”

“A debt of gratitude is in order for the free alcohol. All the best on a long, cheerful marriage!”

Truly, any punny pre-made card (this way, this or this) with a basic, “Love, us/me.”

Strict Wedding Wishes

In the event that the couple is strict, at that point this may be the most ideal alternative. Strict wedding card messages can make reference to God, let them know of your petitions or statement sacred text. Before composing a strict message in a wedding card, think about the couple’s convictions and rehearses, and alter the message to them. On the off chance that they aren’t excessively strict or don’t revere routinely, something exceptionally strict could make them awkward, so it’s ideal to restrain strict components or stay away from them out and out. Furthermore, in case you’re uncertain of what strict message to compose, pick more broad wedding words.

Adaptable Examples:

“May your marriage be honored!”

“Wishing you a marriage as solid as your confidence.”

“Sending you petitions for ceaseless love and joy.”

“Love is the best gift.”

Christian Examples:

“May God favor you and your association.”

“May God award you the entirety of life’s gifts and love’s delights.”

“God favor you both on this day with a lifetime of shared love and delight.”

“May the One who united you favor your marriage, improve your lives and develop your affection consistently.”

“‘God has emptied out His adoration into our souls.’ – Romans 5:5”

“‘Love shows restraint. Love is thoughtful… Love never falls flat.’ – 1 Corinthians 13:4-13”

Jewish Examples:

“Mazel Tov! May the delight that is yours today consistently fill your life.”

“‘I am my darling’s and my cherished is mine.’ – Shir Ha’Shirim/Song of Songs 6:3″ Or ” ‘Ani L’Dodi, v’Dodi Li.’ – Shir Ha’Shirim/Song of Songs 6:3″

“Mazel Tov on your wedding!” or “Mazel Tov on your marriage!”

Wedding Wishes for a Family Member

When composing a wedding card for family, you can go general or individual—it’s totally up to you and the sort of message you need to pass on.


“Congrats on your marriage, and welcome to the family!”

“We’re/I’m so glad to invite another relative. All the best to you both!”

“We’re/I’m so cheerful [name] has discovered ‘the one.’ Welcome to the family!”

“We’re pleased to impart this day to you both.”

“What an awesome day for our family, and particularly both of you. May the delight you feel today endure forever.”

“Today, we add one more part to our family, and we were unable to be more joyful. All the best to you both.”

“What an awesome expansion to our family. We’re/I’m so glad to partake in your festival. Congrats!”

“We/I was unable to be more joyful to call you both family. All the best for a long and glad future together.”

“We love you both. Much obliged for letting us share in your festival!”

“Well done! Love and embraces.”

Wedding Wishes for Your Sister or Brother and Sister-in-Law or Brother-in-Law

So you’re composing a message on your sibling’s or sister’s wedding card? The key here is character. Now and again, kin connections are stressed, in which case you should go general. Yet, more frequently, your sibling or sister is the indivi
dual whom you know best, to whom you can make inside jokes or review a portion of your preferred minutes together. Just remember


“It seems like yesterday we were playing ‘house’ in the patio, and now you get the chance to do it, all things considered. I was unable to be more joyful for you both. Congrats!”

“I generally needed a sibling/sister and now I get one. Congrats to you both on discovering each other.”

“All the best to my closest companion and sister/sibling and new sister/sibling as you start your coexistence.”

“I love you both. Today I increase another kin and I was unable to be more joyful!”

“Loads of adoration and satisfaction to you both on this energizing and upbeat day for our family.”

“Recollect when you made that rundown of characteristics of an ‘impeccable man/lady?’ Well, you discovered him/her. Heaps of adoration now and consistently.”

“Loads of affection to the best sister/sibling in the entire world and her/his new accomplice forever. May you have a marriage brimming with affection and bliss!”

“You bring my sister/sibling so much bliss. All my affection!”

“I’m so grateful to have a sister/sibling like you. What’s more, I wish you and your new spouse/wife long lasting satisfaction.”

“My/our most profound love and absolute best wishes to you both.”

Wedding Wishes for Your Son or Daughter and Son-in-Law or Daughter-in-Law

It’s a serious deal when your child or girl weds. Also, when you’re the mother or father of the lady of the hour or husband to be, you’ll probably feel a whirlwind of feelings that are extra precarious to get down on paper. What’s most significant is that you wish the couple well. From that point, include some close to home contacts to the generally standard wedding wishes statement to give your wedding card message meaning. In case you’re joyfully hitched, you could even include your very own portion marriage exhortation.


“We are/I am so glad to invite another child/little girl to the family.”

“What a great day for our family, and particularly both of you. May the delight you feel today endure forever.”

“Today, we add one more part to our family, and we were unable to be more joyful. All the best to you both.”

“All the best to my child/little girl and child in-law/little girl in-law as you start your coexistence.”

“We/I love you both. We/I was unable to be more joyful!”

“Loads of affection and bliss to you both on this energizing and euphoric day for our family.”

“My/our most profound love and absolute best wishes to you both.”

“Child/little girl, I/we feel numerous feelings on this day. The greater part of all, I’m/we’re cheerful you’ve discovered somebody magnificent to impart your life to. All the best to you both.”

“We/I know we’re/I’m not losing a child/little girl. We’re/I’m increasing a child/girl. Much satisfaction to you.”

What to Write on a Wedding Card to a Friend

It’s similarly as acceptable of a decision to go exemplary with wedding phrasing on a companion’s wedding card all things considered to get explicit and individual. Before you compose, think about your relationship and how clever, genuine, individual or wistful you need to get with your wedding wishes. At that point go from that point.


“I’m so glad to call you both my companions. Congrats!”

“That crystal gazer we found in Vegas was correct. You met the man/lady you had always wanted. All the best to you both!”

“Of all the enormous life occasions we’ve celebrated throughout the long term, today beat the rundown. Congratulations!”

“Much obliged to you for welcoming me to partake in this day with you and your family. All the best.”

“I’m/we’re so excited to commend this great day with you both.”

“All the best for a long and upbeat coexistence.”

“May you bring each other as much joy as your kinship has brought to my life—and the sky is the limit from there!”

“We’ve had endless snickers together! May you generally make each other giggle!”

“Here’s to love and fellowship!”

“Congrats to a brilliant companion and his/her new spouse/wife.”

What to Say in a Wedding Card to a Coworker

When composing a card to your colleague who’s getting hitched, you’re likely not going to need to wish them “bunches of affection.” Instead, it’s ideal to go with general phrasing. Utilize one of the formal or easygoing models above, or see underneath for a couple of fitting, work-motivated statements. All that stated, it’s more than conceivable that your collaborator is an old buddy. On the off chance that that is the situation, look up to “Wedding Card Wishes for a Friend.”


“Much obliged to you for welcoming me to partake in this day with you and your family. All the best.”

“I’m so happy to have been able to know you at work, and I wish you and your new spouse/wife a long and upbeat coexistence.”

“All the best to a cool associate and his/her new spouse/wife.”

“Wishing you achievement—and above all satisfaction—in your marriage.”

“You have another title: spouse/wife! Wishing you and your companion the best.”

“What a magnificent day to praise my colleague and his/her mate. All the best to you both in your marriage.”

Wedding Card Sayings for a Parent and Stepparent

Regardless of whether you’re excited or tepid about the association, if your mother or father is getting hitched (or remarried), it’s totally typical to anguish a little over the correct wedding card phrasing. Our best suggestion? If all else fails, keep things straightforward. You don’t need to spout about the new spouse or wife on the off chance that it doesn’t feel regular. Rather, simply wish them both a cheerful future together. All things considered, isn’t that what you need for your parent?


“Congrats! [Name of stepparent], you make my mother/father so upbeat. I anticipate becoming more acquainted with you better.”

“Mother/Dad, I’m so glad you found an accomplice to impart your life to. Congrats.”

“I’m/we’re excited you make each other so glad. All the best!”

“Welcome to the family. We love you both!”

“Mother/Dad, thank you for all the counsel you’ve given me throughout the long term. Presently here’s mine: [Fill in your own advice].”

“I’m thrilled to see you so upbeat. Heaps of adoration.”

“Mother/Dad, we/I love you. [Name of stepparent], we/I heartily welcome you to the family. Congrats.”

“I’ll offer you the guidance you once gave me. [Fill in your parent’s best love advice.]”

“To the best mother/father I would actually request, and his/her new spouse/wife. Much bliss to you both.”

“So now we get the chance to make the most of [stepparent’s name]’s cooking on vacations? Indeed!” (Or allude to something different you truly like about the new stepparent.)

Wedding Wishes for an Elopement

On the off chance that the couple decided to have a cozy function yet you actually need to send them your well done, you’re very free to do as such! Truly, you can commend the upbeat news with any sort of message—a considerable lot of the alternatives above work magnificently. In any case, do avoid utilizing language that could seem to be negative. What you compose should regard their choice to abscond, regardless of whether you couldn’t observer the extraordinary function.


“We’re/I’m excited to hear the updates on your association! Wishing you so much satisfaction.”

“Cheers to this wonderful experience.”

“Yippee, it’s authentic! Congrats, love birds.”

“You all stone, and there’s no uncertainty your elopement did as well. Sending you both all the best.”

“A little birdy let us know/me both of you are hitched. Major well done are all together!”

What to Write in a Card for a Wedding That’s Been Postponed

Life occurs, and here and there, it essentially disrupts the general flow. In the event that, for reasons unknown, the wedding must be delayed, the correct card can show the couple they actually have your affection and backing. While you don’t need to unequivocally address the deferment in a wedding card, here are a couple of approaches to do so suitably. Send these inspirational statements before the enormous day to give the couple a confidence help.

what write a wedding card


“We/I simply needed to state: Your wedding will be uncommon regardless of the day.”

“Beneficial things go to the individuals who pause. Yet, your wedding won’t simply be acceptable, it’ll be incredible.”

“Your understanding and adaptability have demonstrated what a brilliant couple you are.”

“We’ll never turn down an opportunity to party—whatever the date, we’ll be there.”

“Previously, during and after the big day—we’re here for you both as far as possible.”

What to Write in a Card for a Wedding That’s Been Canceled

Nobody envisions a dropped wedding, so you may be confused on how best to move toward the circumstance. Our recommendation? Give a valiant effort to be steady. While you may feel slanted to send your sympathies, attempt to outline things in an inspiring way. There’s no uncertainty this was a distressing choice, so offering solace goes far. What’s more, recollect, you can compose so a lot or as meager as you feel good, given your extraordinary relationship. Simply attempt to stay away from cover articulations (think: “It’ll all be alright”) since these may ruin how they’re feeling. Here’s some example phrasing to give you direction.


“Sending you embraces, kisses and warm wishes—in the event that you need anything, let us/me know.”

“Your quality is a motivation. Sending so much love your direction.”

“We will consistently trust and backing your choices.”

“We’re glad for you and we love you.”

“You’ll never walk alone insofar as we’re/I’m around.”

“We’re/I’m heartbroken and we’re/I’m considering you.”

“Nothing will actually remove our affection for you.”

Envision yourself in the parking garage strolling in to your companion’s wedding gathering—pen close by, bowtie/pantyhose in a contort, urgently attempting to concoct a warm and important individual message to write in your wedding card for the upbeat couple. One would trust you’re not generally that last-minute, but rather regardless of whether you are, our amicable composing staff can help.

Our “What to Write in a Wedding Card” control is loaded with composing tips, wedding message thoughts and motivation from Hallmark essayists. We submissively offer you not just some fundamental go-to wedding wishes that can work for pretty much any couple getting married, yet in addition more customized messages and thoughts dependent on your relationship with the couple, the measure of time you need to compose and your favored style of articulation.

Simply click on the proper class beneath to go directly to the wedding wishes you’re keen on, or read through the entire manual for consolidate thoughts and make your own exceptional wedding-message blend. We trust you mess around with our rundown, and we trust it lets loose you to zero in on sharing the wedding satisfaction from this day forward!


“Congrats” is frequently the essential message individuals need to communicate when they sign a wedding card. It resembles a strong congratulatory gesture, and it’s anything but difficult to state in any event, when you’ve never met one portion of the wedding couple. Here are a few thoughts for heating up and customizing your congrats.

More easygoing

“Congrats to the brilliant you two!”

“This calls for congrats! (Also, likely champagne!)”

“Congratulations, [Ethan and Erica]! It’s so incredible to see two great individuals like you getting hitched. Love and all the best consistently!”

“So upbeat for you!”

“I anticipate charming children.”

“It makes us so glad to see you two so upbeat. Congrats!”

“Congrats! Love you both!”

“You folks are extraordinary together! So cheerful for you!”

“You’ll generally recall this day. Expectation it’s much more lovely and flawless than you’ve been dreaming, and expectation it’s simply an incredible beginning that simply improves and better.”

“Petitions and favors on your wedding and on your marriage.”

“‘Two become one’— what a delightful thing. Congrats!”

“Both of you make this ‘adoration and marriage’ thing nearly appear to merit attempting. Simply joking—you look so glad, and I’m so cheerful for you!”

“Expectation you’ll generally end up as much infatuated as you are today. (We propose date evenings and loads of them!)”

“I trust during that time you become far superior companions and offer each conceivable sort of satisfaction life can bring.”

More formal

“Sincere congrats.”

“Hottest congrats and love.”

“With hottest wishes and love today and consistently,”

“Congrats on your big day and all the best for a cheerful coexistence!”

“It implies such a great amount to observe the delight of your big day. Congrats to you both on finding the ideal individual to impart every one of your days to.”

“Feeling such a great amount of happiness for you two as you join your lives in marriage!”

“We trust you can feel all the satisfaction encompassing you on your big day!”

“Seeing both of you make guarantees and step forward into what’s to come is so rousing and superb.”

“If at any time two individuals merited a sweet, significant, upbeat wedding day, it’s you two.”

“God favor you both as you start this brilliant excursion of marriage together.”

“Be cheerful, be thankful, and love each other well!”

“I simply realize life has considerably more great things in store than the satisfaction you share today. May each day be excellent and upbeat for you as a team.”

Composing tip: If the card you’ve picked as of now has “congrats” printed, you can follow it with an ellipsis [… ] and add to the “congrats” message.

Thank the Couple

It’s the greatest day of their lives, and they need you to be important for it? That merits a callout. Offering thanks for the opportunity to partake in the marriage festivity is a sweet message completely all alone or in mix with a wish or a “congrats.”

More easygoing

“Congrats, [Carlos and Delia]! It implies such a great amount to be an aspect of your huge day!”

“We’re excited to celebrate with you! How about we kick this wedding party off!”

More formal

“A debt of gratitude is in order for welcoming me to your wedding. It’s an honor to partake in such a wonderful and significant day. All the best for a future loaded up with satisfaction and love.”

“It’s such an honor to observe your pledges and be among those to wish you a wonderful start.”

“You’ll generally recall this day thus will the individuals who were there when the entire wonderful joyfully ever-after began. All the best for eternity.”

“Watching you together resembles getting a dawn—I’m seeing the beginning of something delightful. A debt of gratitude is in order for leaving me alone here with you.”

Composing tip: It might sound vulgar to say as much, however a wish for the big day or a thank-you for being some portion of it is additionally a sheltered approach when you have convoluted emotions about the marriage or when you just don’t have the foggiest idea about the couple that well.

At the point when You Can’t Make It

In any event, when you can’t make the picturesque marriage in Hawaii (bummer), you can in any case make your essence felt by telling the couple you’re with them in soul.

More easygoing

“Congrats on your enormous day, [Mike and Emma]! Wish we could be there to see it.”

“So sorry I was unable to be there to celebrate with you. Be that as it may, despite the fact that I’ll miss the dress, the bouquet and the principal move, I could never pass up on the opportunity to wish you all the absolute best in life as you start this astonishing excursion together!”

“I wish I could be at your wedding to give you both an embrace and reveal to you how cheerful I am for you.”

More formal

“With you in soul as you hold hands and hearts and lives for consistently.”

“As you lift your glasses to one another today, I lift mine to you both from a far distance. Here’s to a genuinely astounding couple and to a marriage loaded up with each satisfaction.”

“Considering you both with adoration on your big day.”

“Our hottest contemplations and wishes are with you as you praise your marriage.”

Composing tip: When you can’t make the wedding, you don’t need to remember a statement of regret for your own message. Simply the demonstration of sending the card tells the couple you’re considering them.

Welcome Them to the Family

At the point when it’s a relative getting hitched—regardless of whether it’s your kin, your kid, your father, your cousin or even your grandmother—you should include a welcome (or perhaps an admonition?) for the new mate wedding into your family.

More easygoing

“[Maria], welcome to our large, insane family! [Rob], what a fortunate person you are. Congrats and heaps of affection to you both,”

“[Eric], you’ve been similar to family for quite a while, however now it’s authentic. [Jenny Bean], it implies such a great amount to see you wedding the adoration for your life. I’m so excited for both of you!”

“Today you authoritatively become your own special group of [2]. So happy to have you both as a feature of our greater family, as well!”

More formal

“Together, you will be such a gift to our family. All our adoration to you both as you join your lives in marriage.”

“Your wedding is such a brilliant day for you two and for our family.”

“Today, our family develops by one new part and by so much love and bliss.”

Remember Them for the Community

Some of the time the “family” incorporates a network or assemblage. These message thoughts are extraordinary for when a huge or different gathering of individuals is doing the inviting!

More easygoing

“Would you be able to feel the affection? Our entire network is celebrating with you today!”

“Your marriage favors our locale. What a delight to celebrate with you today.”

“Your marriage makes our reality a more brilliant, more joyful one with significantly more motivations to celebrate.”

“Praising both of you and all the affection you add to our locale.”

“So glad to praise both of you today!”

“Here’s to adore that keeps going forever, yet never develops old!”

“May every year be better than the one preceding it.”

“Allow the festival to start!”

“You have the right to be commended!”

“Here’s to the affection you share and to the delight you present to us every one of us!”

More formal

“At the point when two great individuals become hopelessly enamored and wed, the entire network has such a great amount to celebrate.”

“At the core of a cheerful network, there is love. Your marriage is an upbeat occasion for us every one of us.”

“Both of you are living verification of exactly how wonderful love [is/can be].”

“Your marriage respects God and brings such a great amount of delight to the loved ones celebrating with you!”

“Your [marriage/euphoria/love] rouses and elevates everyone around you.”

“At the point when God unites two individuals in marriage, the world turns into a more excellent spot for everybody.”

In a Hurry?

These sweet and straightforward wishes are extraordinary go-to messages—ideal for when you’re marking your card in the vehicle in transit there (in a perfect world, not while driving).


“Couldn’t be more joyful for you!”

“Wishing you each bliss together!”

“Congrats on your marriage and all the best consistently!”

“Here’s to the affection that united you!”

“I knew the affection you had was something uncommon. I love being correct.”

“I love to see two individuals who merit satisfaction so much discover it with one another. All the best to you both.”

Warm Closings

A warm shutting resembles the bow on top! Pick one of our own, or make your own.



With adoration,

Loads of adoration,

Love consistently,

Much love to you both,

All the best!

All the best for your coexistence,

All life’s ideal to you two,


Congrats and all the best,

Hottest congrats,



God favor,

God favor you both,

God favor you now and consistently,